5 Tips to Survive the End of the World

Ahh yes the end of the world is tomorrow, so what are we to do? Where will we hide? and what about all those Zombies? We have the answer for you right here with Just Kicking It’s 5 Tips to survive the end of the world

1. Have Skills

Now it’s the end of the world and your warcraft skills mean nothing (big groan I know), but you need a real skills, whether it be bow hunting skillzzz or nun chuck skillzz you need something to either keep you alive or be able to trade for food and water. The big ones would be; farming, hunting, mechanics, first aid, natural medicine and surfing (yip for all those big waves)

2. Avoid being fat:

Now not that I have anything against fat people or that there is anything with it. However, you are going to be running away from meteors, fire, giant waves, earthquakes, wereprechaun’s and who knows what else. We also have to take into account that food is going to become scarce and cannibalism will emerge, so you might look like a large juicy steak. 


3. Trade all your money for Gold

If it is indeed the end of the world, cash on hand won’t matter if there is no one to accept it. However over all the years of mankind gold has always held value. Plush if this all turns out to be a huff over nothing, you have all this cool gold to make into gold chains for you and your friends.

4. Stay away from people that don’t look right

Yip Zombies, I have seen enough horror movies and walking dead episodes to know that people are stupid. If someone is limping has blood on them and doesn’t respond to you, it probably means they are a zombie. So don’t walk up to them and ask them what the matter is. Kill shot to the head should do it, or just hide that also works. 

5. Stay away from crowded areas

Sure we are social beings, and sure we like going to big cities as much as the next person, but the end of the world changes this. The cities are going to be chaos, be it zombies or just people going nuts, and so make for the country as soon as you can. If you going to hide in your house for a while you need to be quite, people are going to get desperate and zombies will come around if they hear some noise.

And there you have it, 5 fool proof tips to keep you alive. I could have written more, but I am busy building myself a basement, not for the zombies, but I think I need a wine cellar. Enjoy your last day of normal life.


  1. You must have fallen asleep dude, everybody knows you can"t hide from Zombies...

    1. Everyone knows that zombies will find you.....they just will