If we alive we might as well

So tomorrow is the end of the world or so the Mayans would have us believe. But there are still a good few people out there who believe that is going to happen. But if we are still around come the 22nd of December then I think that is good enough reason to celebrate.

So what does that mean? Well it means, we need to crack open a few cold ones, with friends and strangers, because if we survive the Apocalypse aren't we all friends. If you are in Durban on Saturday the 22nd of December (Post Judgement Day) then come join at the Dogs House, corner of Jabula hill and Ridge road Umhlanga. Lots of punch,food and vibe. Slippery slides and beer pong tables and some sick tunes. Pull in any time after 10 anyone is welcome. 

Click here for more details, ignore the pic, he is just the MC and the man who is hosting us all.

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