Hunters Chase the Heat Launch

Last week we attended Hunters new TV ad launch, it was a cool occasion and we met some of the people involved behind the scenes. I mean who doesn't enjoy crisp free drinks with a spread of food that made me wish I hadn't eaten that sandwich before. On top of that afterwards they treated us to the premier of the new James Bond film SkyFall. Now that is an epic movie.

Below is a snippet taken from the Hunters press release

"In the new commercial, although the magnificent ‘Heat Chaser’ designed by Egg Film’s art director John Hankin and built by Alex Wheeler threatens to steal the show, it’s the realness and ‘not taking it too seriously’ tone of the hero that reminds us that it’s just about a refreshing cider. The spot was directed by Bruno Bossi of Egg Films."

You can also go to the Hunters website and play the Chase the Heat competition and stand a chance to win a trip to a music festival in Zanzibar. 

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