Synergy Live - Epic Weekend

So I have only just recovered from Synergy so I am finally able to put up a vid and a pic or two. What a weekend, full of music, drink and a few delicious treats. Prodigy were awesome on the Friday night as were the other acts. What was really interesting that first night was that we realised just how hard it is to find your tent when it is set up in a forest and it is pitch black dark.
In a ten man tent two people made it back, the rest, slept under the stars. They were not so stoked with life the next morning, but for the rest of the camp site, it was hilarious. 

As always for me the day jol is always the best and drinking by the dam was a serious win. Afternoon nap and a charge into the 2nd night meant that I have only recovered today. Synergy was great fun and I can't wait for next year. No matter where I am in the world, I think I'll make a plan to get back.

@PougzGP was with us and had his GoPro handy to catch some footage during the day (during the night no one was in a state to be in charge of the camera). Here is what he put together.

Synergy Live
Synergy Live 2012

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