Interview with Red Light Stereo

Dylan, Lliam, Gareth and Dom these are the name of the guys who make up the band from Durban South Africa, Red Light Stereo. We wrote a piece on them a while back on their new music video, so we were very keen to have an interview with them. Don was currently on a plane to Thailand and living the dream so we couldn't get his answers, but the rest of the band were more then happy to give us a little insight into.

- Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us and our readers, first off great new video, you must be really chuffed?

Lliam: Thanks, its always great seeing the end product of something you've spent a lot of time working on and the way in which people respond to it.

Gareth: Haha Thanks. A lot of hard work went into it and people seem to like it so I'm definitely happy. Thanks for the compliment.

Dylan: Yup, it came out really nicely. We are very grateful to the guys at iKind Media for a great job in filming and production of the video.

- Tell us a bit more about the video its really awesome.

Gareth: For this track. We just wanted a simple, upbeat video. We settled on a club, party vibe but then realised we needed a little story-line to keep viewers involved. You may have to watch it more than once to keep up...

Lliam: Ja, we felt like going a different route compared our first video for 'Daydreaming' which was entirely story-based and more on the light-hearted side. The new video suits the feel and theme of the new single.

Dylan: The club scene is at Origin Night Club and the story line scenes are filmed in Durban City. We were roaming the streets til about 4 am taping up random street lights with lumo tape ;)

- You guys formed back in 2009, who first had the idea of the band and more importantly who came up with Red Light Stereo?

Gareth: Well, we were a band before called Madhatton, but mainly played cover shows and private functions as most bands do when they start out. Don joined us in 2009 and I guess we just decided to take things seriously from then on. I assume you mean the name? If so, I think it actually happened by accident. We sat up all night with dictionaries, thesauruses, Google...You name it. and then somehow settled on Red Light Stereo...We have an old single called Red Light so I'm pretty sure it came from there.

- Durban boys aren't you? Touring the country any time soon?

Gareth: We've actually just been on a mini tour to Pretoria to test the waters and it was awesome. So, yes...most definitely! Look out in February!

Lliam: Definitely, like Gareth said, we just returned from a mini tour to Pretoria and have been back and forth with out booking agent planning shows throughout the country early 2013.

Dylan: We have awesome plans for next year.

Lliam: True story!

- Were all of you friends before and if so, what has being in a band together done to the friendship?

Gareth: Dyl, Lliam and I went to school together. Dyl and I have been friends since we were 6 or 7. We met Don through a good friend so in an indirect way..Yes, we were haha. I actually think it has strengthened our friendships. Obviously there are tough times, but music makes everything better!

Dylan: Gareth and I have been friends since Grade 2. We then went to High School together and met Lliam in Grade 10. Don became friends with us when he joined the band.

Lliam: Dyl, G and I did musicals and music evenings together at school and the friendships stemmed from there.

- If you weren't involved in music, what would you be doing? Our sources say there is a lawyer among you? 

Dylan: Hahahahaha. There are actually two ;)

Gareth: Well, your sources would be incorrect ;) There are in fact two lawyers amongst us. Dyl and Lliam are qualified attorneys who are now focussing on their music careers within the band. They also teach music to fill up spare time. I do many mysterious things in between playing music. It's a secret! ;) Don - well i'm not really sure what he does, but I have seen him in a hard hat, so maybe he builds things, I don't know.

Lliam: Don's job is a mystery to all of us, I don't even think he knows what he does...just kidding. What we do know is that it involves the harbour, cranes and risk. Your sources are true, both Dyl and I are attorneys, but we gave that a break to focus on the music. Spare time is taken up by teaching guitar and bass and runing my own web design company.

- So what's next for you guys?

Gareth: Well at this stage, our single is doing well on radio stations around S.A, so we're just gonna play as many gigs as we can. We have some more songs to release next year too...

Lliam: Tour tour tour, and release the next singles and music videos inbetween.

Dylan: Our next single is gonna be exciting. Its our favourite so we hope it will do good things. Another music video will no doubt be on the cards.

- What do you guys have to say to those wanting to follow in your footsteps and enter the tough South African music industry?

Gareth: There are so many cliches that we could give you, but from my side I would just tell people to do things properly. You have to do the time in learning, improving, making mistakes etc but the industry is very much alive at the moment, so if you're looking to perform or record tracks or whatever, put the time and money in and do it properly. At the end of the day, It's all about the songs, so spend time on them!

Lliam: Take it slow, and do things right the first time. There's always going to be cheaper and quicker alternative but your product will pay the price. Secondly, things will start happening when you put all your time and effort into making things happen.

Dylan: You only want to play and write music cause of passion. If you aren't passionate, don't do it cause there are a lot of hard times and rough patches and its passion that keeps you doing it. Then, I think you should always remember who you are as a person and let your music reflect that...the music will be more real. Lastly, you have to treat your music as a profession and a business, so you have to put work into it and act like a professional in everything you do - whether it be showing up on time to gigs, looking after equipment, or practicing effectively.

If there is anything/news/sites you want shared/ videos just let me know and I will add it into the piece.

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Here it is again if you missed it.

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