Now this is a Prize worth Winning

Now I may have entered this and prayed that I came out on top, but it doesn't seem to be the case, but I am still going to share it with you none the less. It seems that lots of alcohol brands are coming out with awesome competitions to say thank you to their loyal fans, well this has to be right up there.  Win a trip to the world’s most bizarre bars with Savanna.

Yip it might need more explaining but basically it is the bar hop of the century, something I would very much love to do someday. Entries are still open so take a look below.

Want to know more well this is taken from their press release:

The first stop is at the Jumbo Bar in Sweden. Retro cool at its best, this is a bar inside a 1976 jumbo jet at the Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Savanna will also treat the winners to a fantastic dinner at the famous Grill Restaurant and Bar in Stockholm, a tour of the Riksdag, a swim at one of the city’s beautiful beaches, and they’ll have the chance to explore the medieval alleyways of Gamla Stan and to see the royal changing of the guard in Stockholm.

Next they’ll pull up a seat at the Blue Lagoon Bar in Iceland to sip on fancy-pants drinks in the middle in the incredible geothermal Blue Lagoon. It’s the ultimate place to chill with your friends (literally!) and watch Mother Nature’s beautiful lights show. The Fearsome Four will get to do as Icelanders do - hike in the exotic Reykjavik mountains, swim in the icy ocean and soak in hot tubs on the beach. 

In England, Savanna takes the Awesome Foursome to the Crooked House Pub in the village of Himley, built in 1765 and turned into an ale house in 1830. Literally leaning over and stocked with quirky ales from the region such as the Whychwood Breweries' Hobgoblin on Cask, it’s the type of pub Savanna drinkers feel right at home in. Savanna will also treat the winner and co. to a tour of London Town, with its buskers, high street shops, galleries, museums, pubs and trendy bars.

The last, and of course driest stop on the adventure, is the Cave Bar in Jordan. One of the original bars in the world, Cave Bar is set in tomb carved by the Nabataeans in the 1st century BC, just outside the ancient carved city of Petra. And you can’t leave this desert city without exploring ‘The Treasury’, a rock-cut temple that featured in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. 

How flippen sick is that, Savanna you have out done yourselves, I have entered a few times and I have been forcing everyone I know to do the same, provided they take me along of course.

The competition runs until 31 December 2012.

Visit or for more details.

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