Fitting all of South Africa on a Plane

When I received my invite for the Kulula #MostSAFlight (yes click that to see) Two things crossed my mind. 1st I thought, Wow this seems really cool and maybe I'll get to meet some cool and interesting people, maybe there will be people on board that would show a combination of what makes this country so great and unique. But then I thought; isn't the end of the world soon (21st December to be exact), but did Kulula scientists figure out that it would occur about a month later? On the 26th of Jan to be exact (the day of the Kulula event #conspiracyface). Was this a sort of Noah's Ark plan by Kulula, to save the best and brightest to restart SA in the best way possible. After all it was called a flight to nowhere!

Saving the best and the brightest would certainly make sense if it was just people like me who were to attend this event, but my fears were soon put to rest when I saw some interesting people from Cape Town.
Nadia KrigeAlix-Rose Cowie,  Murray Turner ,Mr Cape Town Dylan Moore and SlickTiger Tony Niemeyer were the faces I saw as I arrived at Monte Casino Hotel where Kulula had so generously put us up. When I heard that the Klapping Gym oke was with us I expected to see a man with bulging muscles, gold chains and a lekker accent. However it was more like seeing Ronan Keating. I got over that disappointment and turned my attention to all the other interesting people. Alix, had had too much tequila at the table so she was having a cat nap, Nadia was screaming at the top of her lungs, Murray was trying to convince everyone to have an early night, and Mr Cape Town was, well doing the opposite and letting us taste his delicious beers he had smuggled to the table. It was also cool to see Jack Parrow across the table, we are friends now.... of course.

So we hit the Casino with the blogging crew and some Kulula China's, threw a bit of money down and I taught them how to gamble. We made it back to the hotel to get a few hours of slaapa, before we the #MostSAFlight. Up early for some lekker chow and then off with the crew to Lanseria Airport. Now this is where Kulula pulled out the stops, magicians, gum boot dancers, people twisting their bodies in scary ways, okes with mad soccer skills and oh Jack Parrow preforming for us before we got on the plane.

Once on the Plane we were treated to some uniquely South African Padkos, my personal favourite was the Boere Sushi (Delicious Biltong). Next to Mr Cape Town, we were lucky enough to be seated next to a mime. She must have been the best SA had to offer because she never said a word, no matter how many times Mr Cape Town tried to flirt. There was a puppeteer, a choir that sang the national anthem and our MC was funny man Kurt Schoonraad, lag a minute.

Some how Silky Tiger maneuvered himself to the front with us, after we had all tried so hard to dodge him, but thank goodness Kulula kept me smiling so I didn't have to think about it. I was very impressed with the event and I can safely say I enjoyed every minute. I met some awesome people and I am sure there will be lekker videos and photos coming out of the event. Thanks Kulula, I owe you one. 

P.S. me and Jack Parrow are now best mates.

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  1. I am very sad I wasnt chosen. But it looked fun