Be THAT guy in the gym!

Now the video below did the rounds a few years ago so I'm sure some would have seen it before, but whether you're watching it for the first time or the 20th I have no doubt that your envy for what this super-human can do (In-spite of rocking a ridiculously over sized pair of jean pant) remains at "I'd rather not talk about it" levels.

Whoever Mr 'Hannibal' may be..he has crazy skills in the body-weight workout department. Skills that anyone who frequents their local Virgin Active would love to be able to pull off-even if its just to catch the attention of the step machine girl you've never worked up the courage to honest..we all have a 'gym girl'.

Any way, the point of all this babbling is that I recently came across a website that explains the subtle tricks required in your technique that will allow you to pull off one or two of these exercises...or at least not look like a complete knob when attempting them. From the human flag to the unreal clapping hand stand push-ups this site offers tutorials on moves you thought could only be achieved with support cables. I used the advice in the 'Muscle-up' tutorial the other day and was amazed at how much it helped (Ego restored!) Check it out here

Good luck with that girl from the gym!

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