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andunion craft beer

Life is too short to drink commercial beer – oh yes it is. A beer that is gaining in popularity is the range from Brewers and Union or Craft Beer as some of you may know it. For those of you who turn your noses up at the big brewers and say yes, give me something different. Or you could just be a hipster and feel that you don't want to be mainstream.....so of course then Craft is for you. But there is much more to it.

As they say: "The beer giants have forgotten how to be passionate about beer, creating an industry far removed from its heritage and corrupted by mergers and acquisitions." 

So you can see there is a love that goes into this beer, a passion if you will. And not to sound to keen, but it is bloody delicious. There is not much better then finishing a hard work week at the office and poring yourself a craft beer, but which one?

So let's have a look there's Verus Goliath the Amber lager, The unfiltered lager, Beast of the Deep which is a unfiltered strong lager, Steph Weiss/Bravarian wheat (one of my favourites), The Berne which is Unfiltered Amber lager and then there is the Unfiltered Dark lager. If I am forgetting some, well you will just have to fill in the gaps for me.

My Pick

With the growing appreciation for Craft Beer there are many different opinions, and it seems that everyone has their favourites. But for me it came down to two beers, the Steph Weiss and the Berne. Both I find go down so well on any occasion, however my first choice has to be the Berne. The reason? Well maybe because it is not as a heavy beer as the others (for me at least), or maybe because it has a subtle sweetness to it. It is the unfiltered amber lager. All I know is I could drink it morning noon and night. Plus you can can pair it with: Braised lamb, roast chicken, ribs, duck, seared tuna, beef carpaccio, cheddar. And who the hell wouldn't enjoy that.

So where can you get your hands on this delicious beer? Well you can order it from order@gabrielcollective.com / 031-5695385 or if you like me and would rather go and grab yourself a cold crisp one, you are in luck, just look at the map below at all the places Craft Beer is available.

Craft Beer
You still don't understand what Craft Beer is? Well I don't have the time to explain it to you, but they do, so have a look at the video below.

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