A Man's Guide to Valentines Day

That dreaded time of year when woman expect things and no matter how hard you try, you fail. Oh and let's not talk about how expensive it can get. Gone are the days when you could just hit her over the head and take her back to your cave, no now, we need to take her to the club instead of hitting her with one. Ah yes cheesy I know, but if you are taking her to a club on valentines you are probably going wrong again.....but fear not my manly friends, we are here to help you. With Just Kicking It's Man's Guide to Valentines Day. Soon you will never have to fear what rules to follow, because you can always come back here and brush up on your knowledge....and the best news is...it's free of charge.

Right let's get right into it, the boys and I thought long and hard about this, but after countless hours of brain storming we came up with these fool proof tips:

Tell her it's her turn to make the plans
Now before you turn tail and click off the page, hear us out. After all we can boast the sum total of 3 weeks relationship experience, so you can imagine..we are the experts. If you tell her; "Honey I have always thought that your plans for us are the best, and it would be a great if we got to have a Valentines that you wanted." Say that you want to keep things fresh and it is good to try new things, after all we are supposed to be equal. She won't be able to turn it down, make her think that it was her idea and you are golden. It's simple psychology. Now whatever she comes up with you can pretend to be impressed no matter what, you can't lose. If worst comes to worst and she does turn you down, then whatever you come up with will have less pressure on it.

Be "the Gentleman"
Following on from the last, yes from your sneaky switch of responsibility, you can make the offer to pay half, that might knock her off balance, cause after all you are the male. Then at the end of the meal/activity or whatever she has planned pay for the whole thing. Under normal circumstances, you paying would be expected, but now the sneakiness has paid off and you come off smelling of roses. Risky maybe, but with great risk comes great reward. Ahhh what advice!

Take her Out of her Comfort Zone
Now this can work in two instances, if she fails to take the bait above, or you can add this in as a surprise activity. What is key is that you take her out of her comfort zone. So after dinner, let's say she is afraid of heights, well then you take her to the top of the tallest building, bungee jump, sky dive, you get the idea. For each fear there is something you can do. This will allow your lady friend to become very vulnerable, she will rely on you and thus put you in the drivers seat. Oh yes manipulation is the art of a successful date, let alone Valentine's day. After all.Like I said, we are the experts, you have to trust us.

Sexy Underwear, Oh Yes
The good old sexy underwear move, oh you thought we meant for her. No no that is the old move that she would expect. You get yourself a sexy pair, a nice pair with lace and maybe silk, you can't go wrong. Woman love confidence, it is known by all those that show success in the dating world. So make sure you wear them with confidence, no one is going to respond to a nervous looking guy in satin undies. If anything your woman, will laugh and be impressed with you making her smile...and yes your Confidence. We'll say it again...you can't lose. Don't worry I promise you that this is solid advice and we know at least 3 woman, who agree that this would work for them. 

The Old Cliche is a Cliche for a Reason
They are called Cliches for a reason, because somewhere along the line, someone discovered that these things work. Roses, Movies, Dinner, Limo rides, Picnics etc. You don't go to a doctor with a cold and then say "oh don't give me the medicine that everyone else gets" no. My Point is, that these things work for a reason, hence why everyone knows about them. Often the simplest answer is in front of you. It will save you having to be creative and maybe some cash, after all isn't life about getting by on the least amount of effort, for the maximum reward. Wow....another great tip, thanks guys.....pleasure.

We have run out of "genius" ideas to throw at you, but we guarantee you, that if you use our tips, at least 30% of you will find love and happiness this Valentines Day

Well if you don't have someone special to share valentines day with, don't despair, you can always follow the advice of the poster below. Solid advice I'd say, though I am not sure my mother would agree.

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