Throwing Down the Gauntlet - It's a Blogger Challenge

Ahh yes the time for Super Rugby is almost upon us. The time when we don our rugga jerseys and all support the sharks, because let's be honest, who can compare to the mighty black and white. For those of us that weren't blessed with massive biceps or being built like tanks, we can only watch on and cheer the Super 15. Cheer and oh yes bet, well in this case it's time to do both. I have challenged fellow bloggers to a Superbru challenge, where millions will be up for grabs, ok not millions...just pride, and a few prizes thrown in here and there. After all some say pride is worth millions....well obviously people who already have millions only say that. But I am losing focus, moving on.....

So far I have thrown down the gauntlet to Murray Turner ,Mr Cape Town Dylan Moore and SlickTiger Tony Niemeyer. They have no choice, but to accept this challenge and put their wits, rugby wisdom and good old fashion guessing to the test. Of course I will be updating you on my weekly triumphs over these feeble competitors.

Mr Cape Town, SlickTiger and the Social Marketeer 
As you can see this sorry bunch have no chance against the like of me, but it will be fun to see them try. If you haven't played SuperBru before then I really suggest you do, and if you yourself are a blogger, why not drop me a mail and join in the action and see if you can come out on top. But remember there can be only one!

Oh and one more thing.....Come on the SHARKS!!!


  1. Boedie, you are going DOWN charna! With a flippin BUFF pic like that of the Tiger all covered in a other ous blood, do you think you really stand a chance?!

    When a okes pride is on the line, that oke is ALL IN!

    Get ready for a serious KLAPPING.


    1. Ahh Big talk, we shall see.
      We can even make a side bet just to add extra spice

    2. Please tell me who won