The Big Blog Exchange, oh yes....IT'S BIG!!!

Big Blog Exchange
Well I blog, I may not be the best in the world, but I am not far off. Probably only Mashable and maybe the Chive are better than me. You can't even really regard them as blogs yes I guess I am the best. Ok I am getting side tracked, I’ve entered The Big Blog Exchange, run by Hostelling International. Hostelling International is looking for 16 passionate, talented and adventurous bloggers who will have the chance to travel and exchange blogs, lives, places and cultures simultaneously for ten days. And I need your vote (<<<<Click Click)

Now it is a great idea, and marketing idea at that. After all some big blogs including us;) are getting involved and creating a lot of hype. It is a great move by the guys at HI. Take a look at their video to get a better idea of what is instore.

So you might ask yourself why send me? Well if you are reading this, then by definition, you are a reader of my blog. Oh yes it's your lucky day. Besides all that, myself and the rest of Just Kicking It like to share what is cool in the world. Whether it be something we have seen, something on the web, an event, a mighty trip we have been on...or just sharing our thoughts and dreams. Fact is we bring the world together here, so why not let me go and see a little bit of that world. Make the dream come true....and I will buy you all beers....or at least promise to buy you.

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