Tiger Woods Ad has some critics

So Tiger Woods is number one in the Golf Rankings again. And what better way to celebrate that, then for one of Tiger's sponsors to come up with a delicious ad. As all will know, Tiger lost sponsors left right and center, when his sex exploits came to light. So it is rather funny in my opinion to see Nike taking this stance. Of course it has been causing quite the Social Media stir, as some say this is just not on. I think it's funny as hell.

Here is a little something that I took regarding the ad.

Photo credit: AP | Nike is causing a social media storm with its latest online ad, seen here, showing a picture of Tiger Woods overlaid with a quote from him, “Winning takes care of everything.” Woods has used the phrase with reporters since at least 2009 when they ask him about rankings. The ad, posted on Facebookand Twitter, is supposed to allude to the fact that the golfer recovered from career stumbles to regain his world No. 1 ranking on Monday, which he lost in October 2010. But some say it's inappropriate in light of Woods' past marital woes.

I love seeing people argue like this. See it online here:

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