The Korean Chronicles

Ok Ok so what is this Korean Chronicles? Well as I said in the past some of the Just Kicking It crew would be....well Kicking it to different parts of the world. Amsterdam, Israel and for me Korea, hence why I am writing this post. I have been working in the ad/marketing industry for a few years and decided that I needed an adventure. So two of our brave team, decided to teach english in Korea.....oh the cliche...but hey it's a cliche for a reason.

Ahhh classic picture, flip I am classic. Well the truth is we have been here for a week and it has been some what of a culture shock. So if you ever hear a South African, or anyone for that matter, telling you that they live in a culturally diverse country and they won't get culture struck....stike them in the face and say...theirs your first felling of being struck.

My first day saw me making a complete fool of myself, but atleast they couldn't understand me, but 7 days on, these kids are my clay to be thats deep. Anyway pulling out my sick Blackberry curve was met with laughter by my 5yr old class, who by the way all have the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, chilled vibes. Plenty has happened since then.....and so I just wanted to introduce the Korean Chronicles to you all....stay tuned and have your chop sticks ready

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  1. Yay! Looking forward to reading more :) Enjoy!