The Marketing Genius of Hostelling International

Hostelling International, who are they you might ask? Well you can click on the link to find out, but for those of you too lazy to do so here we go. I posted yesterday about the Big Blog Exchange (Click Click), I hope you voted for me. Anyway they are going to send 16 bloggers on trips to far off and wonderful places on blogger exchange, with spending money. Some might say, well that is nice of them, but that is rather expensive just to send some people who write about themselves on a trip of a lifetime. But there is more to this than meets the eye and it is dam well genius, and I wish I had thought about it.

The Digital PR

Ah yes the digital PR, we all know the common saying; any press is good press. Well think about this. There are over 800 bloggers (who own blogs/websites) who are in this competition from all over the world. So Hostelling International in all their wisdom, with the help of their marketing firm I presume, have got that many bloggers interested in their competition. No doubt that many of them would have already written a post about them...what do you think I am doing right now. Let's just say for arguments sake that there are 700 articles written (they are not only contestants, I have seen newspapers and news sites documenting bloggers attempts to gain votes). Now that is all before the second round. Now that is some serious publicity. So now that 100k that Hostelling have spent on prizes and marketing doesn't look so bad when you look at it like that.

The SEO benefits

Following on, as in the grand scale of things, digital media is a interconnected web. SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is another plus. Now I am not going to get into explaining how that all works, all you need to know is that it's very good for your site (you know Ranking in Google). So not only does Hostelling International get all that Brand exposure and increase in Brand Name Strength, but they get nice juicy LINKS. Yes links, each of those blog post/articles/press releases will be sending links back to Hostelling International or the Big Blogger Exchange. Again, the return out weighs the cost by a thousand.

The Social Media Madness What is that? Oh well it is just something I created, you should join. Yes people have gone social media crazy with this competition. All bloggers have Facebook and Twitter at least, so they would have been giving plenty of hype to the competition. Videos have been made, and #hashtags tweeted.
So you see Hostelling International have really done something that all brands should be doing. It has been common knowledge for sometime that bloggers are an untapped fat cow, and sure some have had a glass of milk from it, but Hostelling International is attaching the machine and is milking it for all it's worth

Pure Genius

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