Luis Suarez followed by Tyson after Bite

Luis Suarez never afraid of controversy, gave Chelsea player Ivanovic a lekker chomp on Sunday during their 2-2 draw. So sure Suarez received a ban, but I am sure he will say that it is all worth it, because the God Father of biting himself Mike Tyson has now followed Suarez on Twitter. Sounds bizarre, but it is true. Just take a look at the image below

Do you think that Mike Tyson's and Suarez's agents got on the phone and said "Listen, our boys gotta stick together, no longer are we alone in this....biters Unite". 

Sure there are those who say that Suarez is a disgrace to football, but I find myself on the other side of the fence. I am an Arsenal fan just to clear that up and I have no love at all for Liverpool. But I think Suarez is one hell of a footballer. And yes what he did is unacceptable and Chelsea fans I am sure were crying for blood. But my word is Suarez one of the real characters of football. He eats those headlines up and spits them out again for all of us to enjoy. I mean, he had just started to clean up his act and then he goes and does this. Sure he needs to cut this out, but just as I start to think that Rogers has tamed him, he goes Tyson. 

I don't want to applaud him, but......hell I like Suarez.

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