It's Under a Week Till the Judges Speak.

Yes yes yes, I know what you are thinking. My blog title rhymes, very clever of me. But before you get carried away with my limerick skills, what is the real issue here? Well let me shout it: IT'S SIX DAYS UNTIL THE JUDGES MAKE THEIR DECISION ON WHICH BLOGS WIN THE BIG BLOG EXCHANGE!!!! I mean click on that link and just look at the timer counting down, the seconds, minutes, hours and days. The time is almost upon us, and I had a dream last night. Much like the one above I dreamt I made it. Be that as it may, they were penguins who told me, and they are not always the most reliable of sources.

So I have been keeping an eye on blogging world and I have noticed that many blogs are freaking out. I must say I am not freaking out. I would rather say that I am excited. This has been the biggest blogging competition ever held with amazing results. So again I tip my hat to Hostelling International for a job well done. With only 6 days left, the blog posts, links, (massive seo benefits), tweets, shares, likes, videos, comments etc continue to pile up. And I don't see it stopping anytime soon. Remember there is more to come. An adventure just around the corner, ten days of self discovery and a life changing experience. What more could anyone ask for. All we can do now is wait and watch the clock.

It seems to me that there are many candidates for the lucky sixteen and I hope to see myself among them. But as I stare out of my window, looking at the rain, fall in the street below, I get the feeling that this is only the beginning.

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