PSY - Gentleman all I can say is wow

So being in Korea, I should be used to this sort of thing. Gangnam Style was massive on all kinds of scales, so it stands to reason that PSY would want to try and match his smash hit. This is his next big move, Gentleman. Having heard it over 50 times already as you can imagine being in Korea, I can say I am already sick of it. I did however think the video to be something unexpected. Korean people are a very conservative bunch, and this video is anything but. When the kids ask me in class if they can watch the video, I find myself saying no way is this decent for 9 year olds. But at least they think that when PSY sings I am gonna make you wet, he means he is going to throw water on you. That saves me from an awkward explanation. Anyway give it a watch, I am sure it will reach 200 mill in no time but, and maybe even a billion.

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