The Blogger Scare, Spam attack

So yesterday was meant to be the day that the big blogger exchange, closed its voting and announced the top 100. However, much to the shock of 100's it seems including myself, we found ourselves removed from the voting list. After all my hard work in getting to the position I was in, to say I was crushed, disappointed, angry would be an understatement. I tweeted, I emailed and I posted comments with other bloggers as we tried to find out what on earth had happened.

My first thought was that someone, who was ranking quite low, reported all of us so that they could move up the rankings. Turns out it was very similar to that. The people at Hostelling International and the Big Blogger Exchange posted this on their blog. Turns out some lonely human being had to much time on their hands. What do I have to say to this? Well to Hostelling International, I say thank you for fixing the problem and thank you for giving us one more day to get those votes in. To the Spammer I say #$%*! get the picture. I do wish your name was revealed so that 1000 bloggers could maybe know who to thank for all the chaos. 

Anyway, it's all back on, so if you haven't voted, then it's your last chance to send Just Kicking It on the trip of a life time

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