Reinventing NYC Pay Phones

As you know on Just Kicking It, we like to share some wonderful things. Whether it be the awesome things that we are doing, that you wish you were doing, instead of sitting on your couch. Or just amazing things on the net, that we feel is worth a lekker share. I make you this promise now, whatever you read here, we have 100 percent experienced......if you believe that, then you would know we have fought Zombies and wrestled with shark. So Yes it was an exaggeration. Anyway back to the post at hand. Yesterday we did a post on New York and its pay phones. Today we have another one, but this is a little different.

There are 11,412 pay phones in New York City that are almost never used, you know because we all have smartphones and who wants to put something to your face that a crack dealer has used. But there is something cool being done. Imagine if you could reinvent them into something much more practical, filled with today’s technology? Well, New York City ran a design contest to see what that could be. Here is what happened. Pretty cool stuff.

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