An Incredible Boxing Tale

In 1997 George Khosi, the owner of Hillbrow Boxing Club, saw his life change. A prominent and very promising boxer at the time, a gunshot wound saw his dreams of being world champion crumble to the boxing ring floor. “I recovered,” he says, “But I couldn’t box anymore. And I need champions around – so I started the club and became a trainer in 1999”.

Walking into the club at 7am in the morning the first thing you notice is the electric atmosphere. Guys and girls pump iron in a small gymnasium while boxing trainers act as sparring partners for boxers outside in the morning sun.

The Hillbrow Boxing club is more than just a meeting place for people wanting to get fit and promising boxers. Khosi’s vision is to help the community by giving the youth a place to focus their energy and stay out of trouble.

As a result the lives of 50 – 60 kids are constantly being made better by this small, unassuming club in the heart of one of Johannesburg’s most unstable areas.

“I’ve produced two champions,” Khosi says with pride. You could say he’s produced three though. His dream of becoming a champion has in fact come true as well – he is a champion for this community.

Running a club like this isn’t an easy task. It is, however, one that Khosi takes on a blow-by-blow basis. “We often need food for the kids,” says Khosi, kids after all need to have full bellies to focus. Donations of equipment and financial support are also a top priority.

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