The Durban July's 14th Race

If you are into your horse racing, you love to throw down some loot or you just love going to these events, because let's face it they are awesome. Then you would have surely watched or attended the Durban July. South Africa's flagship racing event, by miles in my opinion, is almost upon us. And as per usual there are 12 set races, with a 13th race at the end, with...well a bunch of naked guys running around....this year however there is a 14th race...oooooo what is that?

Sportingbet South Africa is running an inspired campaign mimicking the stages of the Durban July with #BeTheStud for Charity. And guess what, yours truly will be tacking part (always knew I was a stud, but thanks to Sportingbet for confirming it)

Here is a little quote from their press release:

“We have signed up ten top sporting and media personalities to ‘Be the Stud’ for their selected charity in the Sportingbet Unofficial Durban July 14th Race,” says Scott Canny, Marketing Manager of Sportingbet. “The personalities will only be revealed when we announce our race’s ‘Final Field’ on 25 June, the same day that the Durban July Final Field is announced.”

The virtual race will happen on Twitter on the 3rd of July 2013, with the personalities aiming to get their selected horses names and the campaign name tweeted and retweeted by their followers as the number of mentions will propel their horses forwards to ‘win’ the race. The top 3 horses will win R10, 000, R3, 500 and R1, 500 respectively for their selected charities.

Oh yes it is for charity, my chosen charity is the Dirty Seagulls Foundation something really close to my heart. So I will be asking all of you on twitter, closer to the time, to get involved and tweet for the race so that I can win and give that money to the charity I have chosen.

I really do think this is a great idea from Sportingbet, apart from it being a great marketing idea, I always love when businesses with the means, give back to the community. So I hope you will all get involved and back my "horse".

On a side note if you are looking to have some gambling fun:

For the formal Durban July on 6 July this year Sportingbet SA is running a Pick 8 competition with the incredible prize of R1 million. Entrants need to pick the finishing order of the top 8 horses in the Durban July to win the prize. If no one gets it right the closest pick (the most horses in the correct finishing places) wins R10, 000.

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