Thought for the Week: Strangers, Grass and Big City Life.

So as most people would agree. Traveling is great, of course it comes with its challenges but that is all part of the awesome adventure. You learn so many different things about yourself that you wonder who that stranger was you left behind all those months ago. There are also those adjustments that you need to make. For me coming from Africa and growing up in a small town or village if you will, meant that the big city brought something new to the table. Again this weekend I found myself in the capital of South Korea, Seoul and it seems that it is possible to make every experience unique.

As I have said many times before I am from South Africa, yip Africa. Yes it is just like the Lion King. Yes I do ride elephants and yes you guessed it I live in a hut. Well those of course are many things we are asked on a weekly basis and I never tire of leading people on. It is really not a myth that people think you live in a jungle, but now I find myself living in the concrete jungle. It brings a whole new dynamic to life and although there are things here I would never dream to experience in South Africa, there are also those things that you overlook. This weekend I was pointed to a delicious place in Itaewon Seoul called the battered soul. It really is a great place and I would recommend it to anyone who is in the area or wants a different sort of vibe. I found myself on the roof, they have brilliantly placed grass up there. Not your normal artificial stuff that you would find in Seoul, but the real stuff. It is strange that a simple thing like grass between your toes can make you realise how much you miss the simpler things. I am sure many large cities are the same and you don't find grass everywhere, but it was truly funny to witness, people from the UK, New Zealand and South Africa, rolling on the grass with grins on their faces as if they had just had some of the magic dragon. 

I mention strangers in the title because it is one thing I always find strange about traveling. You can literally meet and an hour later you feel as though you have a life long friend. It may be the thing that I enjoy most of traveling and living abroad. This weekend was no different. More people entering my life and I feel as though I have know them for ages. I have to hurry while I write this as I am doing it from my phone while I sit on a bus, but I think tomorrow I will write something a little more in depth. If you haven't please vote for me here

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