Diving into Shoredich Street Art

shoredich street art

You walk around any city and you will notice that there is graffiti or tags on a building or something or other. This is just the way of modern society. I have to admit that I have not always paid attention to it. Every now and then I would see something and think "wow, that's cool", but I have always associated this type of thing with sort of an illegal vibe. I am a lover of art, however this has never been one of the mediums that I was particularly fond of. Oh how wrong I was.

A few of my friends and I decided to head to Shoredich and Brick Lane and check out the famous Street Art. In summary.....it was awesome. The longer version is that you really need to go and see it for yourself, I have uploaded pictures below. Not all of them though, as I will put them up at a later time. For now enjoy.

street art

Street art brick lane

street art napoleon

Street art

Street art graffiti

Graffiti Shoredich

Coke Shoredich Street art

Shoredich Street Art

Shoredich Street Art Graffiti

Sneaky street art lamp post

street art

street art, Picasso, cubism

street art, Asian girl

Costah street art

graffiti brick lane

graffiti shoredich

crazy street art London

crazy street art

costah street art

street art

street art

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