Ever Wanted to be on Wipeout or Takeshi's Castle

I know I sure did. Nothing was better than watching those shows and thinking "that would be great" or "I could definitely do better than that". Well it seems that there is something on our doorsteps that allows us to do just that. It is called Rough Runner and it looks awesome.

Rough Runner describes itself as a new breed of sporting event. With the current trend of fitness, Rough Runner combines the exercise element beautifully with fun and gives you something you surely won't forget.

The next event that is taking place in London is in September and it is taking place in Clapham Common. If that is too far away for you well you can check out their events page here and see where you can get you fun action fix. In the meantime I suggest that you take a look at this video. It really does make you excited to take part and become a Rough Runner. If you feel like it why not grab a bunch of mates and enter a team, in fact I think I will do that now. Head over to the website at www.roughrunner.com

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