London Calling

London City

So arriving in the city of London has been somewhat of an experience. First off arriving as an excited tourist is a completely different thing to someone arriving and looking for a job. I was lucky/unlucky to experience both of these roller coaster rides.  

Fresh off the boat with a mate by my side we hit the sights the pubs and then some more pubs. I mean isn't the UK famous for it's football and pubs. Well don't worry about that. At the time of writing this I am about to leave to go and watch the Arsenal at the Emirates, Sort of a dream come true if you will. But that's for another time. I have never been to the UK before, but now I find myself planning to stay here indefinitely. I mean what your friends tell you or what you see on TV, can't really prepare you for real London. It is an old ancient city, but it is so modern, so full of life. And I love it. The people, the streets, the buildings all of it. London is a place like no other I have seen. And I am lucky enough to have seen a few.

So what did I do, well I am sure I will get around to documenting it all. But for now. Let's just say I am here to stay. At least for now. So this begins the #getcaleanawesomejob campaign. It won't be easy, but I am ready for the exciting adventure that is about to begin.

Red phone box humor
Having a Laugh with the Queen

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