There's Nothing Innocent About How Devilishly Good they Taste

I have seen a lot of brands and tasted a lot of good things. But innocent is a combination of a great company/brand and taste. So often these "Luxury" or cool brands tend to exploit prices with their brand strength. But you know what, these drinks are worth every penny. But that is not the only thing. They give 10% of all profits to charity. Now isn't that nice? Well yes it sure is. 

You just have to read the about us page to fall in love with this brand, I mean look at how they started:

We started innocent in 1999 after selling our smoothies at a music festival. We put up a big sign asking people if they thought we should give up our jobs to make smoothies, and put a bin saying 'Yes' and a bin saying 'No" in front of the stall. Then we got people to vote with their empties. At the end of the weekend, the 'Yes' bin was full, so we resigned from our jobs the next day and got cracking.

That is really cool...if it is a true story that is? But I back that it is.
If you have seen their products on a shelf you have no doubt been drawn to it and probably picked one up. What is great is that each product has a story a catch phrase or something interesting and funny to read on the side. Didn't notice? Well you should open your eyes and look here

Yip it' really cool. And guess what they are hiring! I myself have sent in a CV I mean why wouldn't I. It is a brand and company that anyone would want to be involved with.

But that is for another time I suppose, right now I am off to the local store to pic myself up a few of their awesome smoothies.

Till next time.,,,,,,,

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