I Now Believe in Magic……..and One Direction

One Direction

On Monday night I was lucky enough to climb over the fence and join in on the fun with Louis and the boys. Ok that is not true. I was lucky enough to be invited by the Addison Lee team to attend the Believe in Magic Ball. Believe in Magic Children's Charity spreads Magic to seriously and terminally ill children across the UK and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction helped organise this event to raise money for this great cause.

From start to finish it was a great event. Starting off getting picked up in our Addison Lee, snapping a selfie in our suits and heading off to the Natural History Museum, which on a side note is my favourite museum I mean who doesn’t love dinosaurs. On Arrival there were thousands of screaming girls hoping to catch a glimpse of their heroes. A happy surprise is that myself and a friend (who lives by a motto of ‘Work Hard Play Hard’) were mistaken for members of the celebrity community. Which to be perfectly honest felt quite normal to my unnamed friend to my left, but I digress.

Addison Lee Selfie

Believe in Magic Ball

Believe in Magic Ball

Believe in Magic Ball

After getting our names checked off the list and pushing through the crowd of crazed fans we were in. Screams at our back and a red carpet and destiny before us we made our way inside the venue, but not before snapping a selfie of course.

A card trick here and there distracted me for a while until I noticed the doors opening up into a magical world. I should probably have mentioned that it was a Disney Cinderella themed ball, but as you can see from the pictures below it was magical. The children were all delighted as they entered like little princes and princesses down the stairs to take their seats at a ball in their honour. It was really great to see and I felt myself moved.

Dynamo Believe in Magic

Believe in Magic Ball

Believe in Magic Ball

Believe in Magic Ball

Believe in Magic Ball

Oh but who is this………?

Our boy Louis Tomlinson had taken the stage to thank me personally (and everyone else) for coming. It was really great to see that he was using his star power to raise money for a cause such as Believe in Magic. You could see it on the faces of the children’s faces, the parents of said children and my own. Nothing is worse than a child having their lives cut short by sickness, but with causes such as this they are able to experience as much joy as possible and hopefully beat the trials ahead of them.

Suddenly I found myself believing in magic, it wasn’t because Dynamo kept appearing out of nowhere and it wasn’t that I was surrounded by inspirational people. No, it was because I found myself becoming a One Direction fan (or at least an out in the open fan, I mean come on who doesn’t love these lads). They were great with the kids and were happy to entertain all their demands. They even found the time to come and find me for a selfie or two. I eventually had to tell them I had had enough and that I had to hit the ‘One D’ floor (see what I did there).

One Direction Selfie

Liam One Direction Selfie

One Direction Addison Lee

Believe in magic ball

One Direction Believe in Magic

The food on the night was great and the drinks kept on flowing. It truly was a great night. A big shout out goes to Addison Lee for letting Way too many people in the Addison Lee. To One Direction for just being you, you go you. And to Believe in Magic for being the charity that dreams are made of. I wish I could do it all again. I know there is a certain someone who wishes he could have joined in.

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