And then they said we were going to the Jam Tree

Since London I have been exploring everything that it has to offer. From football games and museums to parks and pubs. It's the latter that I want to talk about here. I have gone to a number of evening/nightspots that have left an impression and the one I want to mention here is The Jam Tree. 

They have a few locations and I have been to two of them, Clapham and Chelsea. Each of them has it's own charm, which is great. The last thing you want is some sort of American franchise where everything is the same, or maybe you do? But that is just not for me. I had enough of that with my time spent traveling. 

Now the summer months in London bring about something that I have never seen before. The desire to wear summer clothes even if it is cold out. Here I am in a coat and the girl standing next to me is in skirt and while the guy is in a t-shirt. It is just crazy. However what these summer months also add is gees. For those of that don't know what that means is "a vibe" or just that something is "cool". And that is what London is in the Summer months. And the Jam Tree is no different. People are out in force. The inside area is basically empty(until they shut the outside area, why why why) and the outside area you can barely find a place to rest your precious 5 pound (R100) beer. But that is the great thing about the Jam Tree. Everyone is happy to be there and so was I. I was a Londoner, a true blue Brit. That was until I turned to my right and saw the 20 other South Africans that I had arrived with. You get the idea though. The Jam Tree welcomed me with open arms, and as the night progressed I soon found out that it didn't matter the outside area was closed. There was an upstairs area, which I managed to sneak into by playing the ignorant foreigner card. 

All in all it was a great night and I have to give the Jam Tree 4.5 stars out of a possible 5. Wow! I know that is big. Anyway if you find yourself out in the Chelsea area and want to look for those "celebrities" from Made in Chelsea then come and join me. We can throw things at them from the bar and both pretend we have never watched the show. 

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