Win Tickets to the Rugby World Cup Final

As I walk the streets of London there are many things that catch my eye. Big Ben, Big Red Buses, the London Eye....and wait what was that that just drove past me. A South African flag just drove past me with a #RUGLEE on it?! With further investigation I find out they are Addison Lee cars and I could win tickets to the Rugby World Cup final. All I need to do is tweet a picture of a car with #RugLee or just play one of the promo games?........THAT IS AWESOME!

So I went and did some photo digging and found some photos for you guys to share, receive entries and a whole bunch of promo codes. I mean how awesome am I?

To be fair I am a massive sports fan, but for the everyday person this might not be of any interest, but who cares. You can get over £200 in free cab rides and you could win tickets to the final. Don't want to go to the final you say? Well just sell them, they are going for a fortune online. Better yet give them to me:)

Either way you look at it these cars are pretty awesome and I am enjoying spotting them around London. If only I could find that Japanese one and get it off the road (South African fan).

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