As I watch my country burn...

It is hard to be away from a country that I love so much, it is even harder when you see the smoke starting to rise from what seems like an ever increasing normality, but what makes it harder still is when someone asks why I have not stayed to fight. I did not leave because I hate my country, in fact it was just to broaden my experience and set of skills. I will return and I will return to help fight to repair my country.

But through the smoke it is great to see hope rising. Watching this video below it is no wonder they call him the the Obama of Soweto, Mmusi Maimane is everything you want to see in a leader. I will say no more, but watch the video and decide for yourself.

The Doors of Learning Remain Shut
The Doors of Learning Remain Shut - Mmusi MaimaneThe following speech was delivered by the DA Leader during a National Assembly debate on ’Higher Education Transformation’."South Africa’s young people are facing a crisis of opportunity.Someone must fall – but if it is up to Minister Nzimande, students must fall. And in truth they have fallen under the ANC.In 1976, students in Soweto rose up against an evil system that sought to deny their right to education. A system that also sought to see students fall.The system responded with the full force of the police. Instead of engaging with students, it sought to break them down.Last week, young people across South Africa went to the Union Buildings to fight for the opportunity to study. The vast majority went in peace to protest against the continued exclusion of particularly young poor South Africans from institutions of higher learning.They too were met with force and police brutality by a government that wanted students to fall."To read more, click here:
Posted by Democratic Alliance on Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Wiser words have never been ushered by a man. The way in which he responds to the criticism of the ANC minster shows his composure as a leader. I will return to my beloved country in the very near future and this is a man I will continue to support and follow and we march on a new tomorrow.

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