Workskak – Something Unkak For Your Work Day

We all hate to wake up, go to work every day and would rather just go to the beach or for that matter do just about anything else. For those of you that like your jobs, well you are the lucky few and probably work in television or are a stripper at Mavericks. Otherwise you are just like me, and you spend your days dreaming of the weekend and browsing the Internet for something to give you a tiny bit of joy. That is just what happened when I came across Workskak

What a great website, firstly the name is awesome, secondly they have a great vibe about their writing and thirdly, they give a prize away on their website almost every day…now that is flipping great!

The prize for the day was a case of Craft beer from &Union, one of my favourites so I definitely was going to enter. The task was to tweet and cuff one of your friends about missing work this is what I had to say…

Pretty classic if I don’t say so myself, and others must have thought so, because turns out I won. Now I have a delicious case of craft beer, well….had because I have finished it already. So I will be looking out for the next craft competition. 

Go check out Workskak and follow them here on Twitter it is well worth it and I hope to win again soon.

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