kulula, The Most South African Airways

A litter while ago Just Kicking It was lucky enough to part take in the most South African Flight Ever (you can click here if you want to see the app with a video and everyone who was on board). It was one hell of a day, and kulula so cleverly have branded themselves as the most South African airline. That was just phase 1 and kulula are pushing their campaign even more.

So here is a radio ad they have launched to punch home their new slogan ‘The Most South African Airways’

I think it is a great strat, because after all, all South Africans are really proud to be from this country, so why wouldn't you want to fly its's national airline....the unofficial on of course. On top of this kulula revealed its proposed new livery for its fleet of Boeing 737-800s, which are part of the new fleet replacement program that is currently underway. So their you have it, I wonder if there will be a phase 3.

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