Holi One Colour Festival

Saturday saw the Holi One colour festival hit South African shores for the first time. The event is inspired by the Hindu Holi spring festival of colour which originated in India, but over time has spread across the world having been celebrated from Singapore to Germany and the USA. By late Thursday afternoon the event was sold out and Social media sites were covered with desperate pleas for tickets as all those late to the mark in CT frantically scrambled for a way to be part of what everyone had realised was going to be one very special Saturday.

The Cape Town festival may have been a commercialised version involving alcohol and electro-but who’s complaining!?

There isn't really anything I can say to describe one of the strangest yet most incredible and ridiculous days I have experienced that the video doesn't say for me, but one thing I will leave you with-if you missed out this year then every ounce of FOMO was warranted so don’t go missing out again

See more epic pics of the day here on Facebook, and again if you missed it, look out for the next one and don't miss out.

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