One Final Push.....Yes I mean you!

There is one thing that can be said for a competition, if you want to have chance of winning, you can't just enter and pray that the "competition gods" will smile on you. Well unless it's the lottery. But otherwise it takes some effort, some promoting and maybe some passion. I am once again talking about the Big Blog Exchange, and I need you to just click here yes click....

Ok so you may feel that I have been spamming you, and if I have I am not really sorry, because I really want to win. There are now over a 1000 entrants, yes 1000 bloggers, and we are sitting in about 30th position. 16 will get to go on the trip of a lifetime and as I have said before I really want to go. The closing date for voting is fast approaching and so if you haven't please do.
So what I said you needed:

Some effort, yes I think I can tick that box, after all what do you call what am I doing now.
Some promoting, just check our Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube, it's full of lovely promoting.
And of course we need Some passion, pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeeee vote for us!!!!! is that passion enough? Ok maybe not, but what could be more exciting then going on the trip of a lifetime to swap lives with a blogger from some far off land. After all the name of this Blog Just Kicking It, was chosen because we wanted to Just Kick it all over the place. So this is the perfect opportunity.

Hostelling International have done an amazing job with promoting this event and getting everyone lips. and those typing fingers moving. So I have done all I can do, it's down to you and to the judges. Either we will come out of this victories or we will die trying....ok not die, but I will be bleak. So for once last time, please vote for Just Kicking It.

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