UTEC: The Water Generator Billboard

Now this is something that I find quite inspiring. The University of Engineering and Technology in Lima, Peru wanted to attract new students to apply for the new school year. So instead of the old send out some emails, some flyer's or you know the basic sort of thing, they took it to the next level. They teamed up with DraftFCB and created the world’s very first water producing billboard for a city that sits in the middle of a desert. In an area with almost no rainfall per year, an area where fresh, clean water is not guaranteed for everyone.

So how does this bad boy work? Well you could watch the video below, but It works by extracting water from the air that passes through the billboard, condensing it, cooling it and then storing it so that people can come to the billboard to collect safe drinking water. Now this is amazing and I really think more companies should be partnering up with students and doing things like this for their communities.

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