Where would I want to go?

So as you all know from my constant reminders, the Big Blogger Exchange is coming to a close, and hooray! We are in the running!! Yes the people at Hostelling International ultimately choose the lucky few who will go (wink wink pick me) but it is thanks to you the reader, that we have been able to throw ourselves into the mix. So now that there is a chance that we could be chosen, I have been wondering where oh where to go?

I am sure you have your picks and I know I have mine, but in reality, anywhere will be an adventure and being able to Kick It around, while documenting it on awesome video, will be epic. Having said that, I do of course have wishes. Being born in South Africa, some might think that we don't have the best time when it comes to getting visas, passports and all that stuff. However, some countries, we don't require visas for 30day stays, such as most of South America and most Asian countries. PLUS a huge bonus for me is that I have an EU passport, see I have Portuguese heritage so that is a massive plus, no visas needed for Europe for me.

Problem being I haven't had a chance to use that EU passport yet (wink wink). So where does that leave my choices. I would have to say they are as follows.......1 - Europe, 2 - South America and 3 - probably Europe, ok maybe Asia somewhere.

Well I dare to dream that this would happen, but hey you know what, the difference between Dreams and Reality is only a second away. Wow deep. In the end its all up to the people at Hostelling International and the Big Blogger Exchange so all we can do is hope.

If you have not voted yes please do http://www.bigblogexchange.org/blog/512003

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