Top 100, Don't Just Google and Goodbyes

To start it all off a lekker little bit of news is that I made the Top 100 in the Big Blogger Exchange. Whoooooo. It is really exciting stuff. Let's hope that I have some luck on my side.

Back to it all. So this weekend saw something a little different. In all my time that I have spent in Seoul I have never had a picnic on the Han River. I don't know why. It's free, it' beautiful and you throw in some snacks and a couple bottles of Soju and you have yourself a pretty awesome day.


I do really recommend this to anyone....Don't Google "Things to do in Seoul" you will get the generic tourist things. Like looking at countless temples and palaces. To be honest they are amazing. However once you have seen one. You have seen them all. Asian architects were not known for their creative freedoms and pushing the boundaries on conventional design. The best things to do in Seoul do not cost a lot. 

Going down to the river for instance. Buying your drinks from a convenience store. Or would you believe it, just having a drink at a convenience store. Sometimes they do have the best setting. You can sit have a cheap beverage or snack and just absorb your surroundings. 

Anyway. This weekend we found ourselves at the Han River and we ended up spending the majority of the Saturday there. It was Sun, Soju, Sunsets and Strange Korean snacks. If you haven't done it yet then I highly recommend it.


Traveling is always fun and you get to meet the most amazing people. These people although you have known them a short time. They become your family very quickly. No one really ever talks about how hard it is saying goodbye. The dynamic changes and you feel that a bit of the happiness from your travel is gone. This weekend saw two more great individuals but farewell to their Korean family. The funny thing is, even though they are gone. I know I will be friends with them for the rest of my life. After all is it not the memories and experiences of travel that make it all worth while....I think so. Goodbye Max and Nas you two absolute legends.

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  1. One thing I can say about Seoul. It has got the best WiFi at the airport. No other airport has so strong reception.
    Like that picture of the bridge by night at Han river.
    Congratulations Cale on being in the top 100 and standing 4th in the Africa & Middle East.