We are in the Top 100 - #BigBlogX

The Big Blog Exchange top 100 finalists have been announced you can check it here (Click Click), and yes Just Kicking It has made it. We finished in 16th place to be exact (Number one in South Africa) and we have to thank you for all your votes. Now what happens is that, the guys at Hostelling International and the Big Blog Exchange, review our sites and in just 12 days, announce the 16 winners. As you can imagine we are very excited and myself along with the other 100 bloggers are counting the days till D-day.

It has been quite a journey, I mean from the time I wrote this The Big Blog Exchange, oh yes....IT'S BIG!!!, asking all of you to give us your vote. To when I realised (from people constantly asking me, what is in it for Hostelling International) hey this is genius, don't believe me - read this >> The Marketing Genius of Hostelling International. I mean now with all the top 100 being announced, there will no doubt be many blog posts written, and this with prove even more ROI for HI, I just can't get over how successful this has proved. I for one know that if I ever need to launch a marketing campaign on a grand scale, I will take a feather out of the Big Blogger Exchange.

The road then brought us here. I thought, hey I really do think that this dream could come true so I gave a hint hint and wrote; Where would I want to go?, come to think of it Israel looks like a 3rd choice. But Europe still winning for me. 

And then shock and fear for many bloggers - The Blogger Scare, Spam attack. Yes just like it says there was a spam attack and many blogs disappeared off the list. In the end it was sorted out, but even this played in Hostelling Internationals favour, as again blogs, tweets, shares were all sent out in a cry for help....only to increase the brand exposure of this whole campaign. Again I say.....genius.

SO what now? Well, I guess I will just have to wait and see, like the rest of you. I really do hope, Just Kicking It gets the call, but if we don't I am sure they will be 16 worthy bloggers. 


  1. congratz, friend...
    greeting from Indonesia...
    I also made it to top 100...
    best of luck...^_^

    1. Great, Good luck to you as well hope you make it

  2. Congrats on being a finalist! I am sure that you are excited!

    I just wanted to stop by and check out your site, and wish you the best!

    Cheers from Louisiana (USA)